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    How do our Service Agreement Memberships benefit your home and family?

    Safety and Peace of Mind

    Imagine never having to worry about your home’s heating and cooling system operating safely and efficiently for the duration of their intended life. That’s what our Service Agreement Membership provides you… safety and peace of mind.

    By visiting your home twice a year prior to the change in seasons, we’ll be able to carefully inspect your heating and cooling systems to ensure their safe operation during the new season.

    We will ensure that your HVAC equipment is functioning properly to keep you and your family safe. We will also fine-tune the equipment for peak performance and optimum efficiency. Finally, during each visit we’ll launch preventive measures to enable your systems to operate for the lifespan they’re designed for.

    This means one less thing to worry about! You won’t be wasting energy but will instead be saving money, and you’ll have the confidence in knowing that your heating and cooling systems will last and last. That’s peace of mind!

    Benefits to You

    • Priority scheduling
    • Yearlong safety and peace of mind
    • Preventive maintenance for worry free operation
    • Two annual inspections & system changeovers
    • Systems tuned for peak operating efficiency
    • Discounts on new systems & parts
    • Discounted diagnostic fee

    Our membership saves you money

    With your heating & cooling systems operating efficiently and therefore wasting no energy, you’ll instead be saving money on your utility bills.

    As a member, you’ll receive a 10% discount off HVAC visits to your home, and also receive a lower diagnostic rate for emergency calls. Your savings can easily pay for the cost of the Membership.

    Additionally, the 10% discount extends to the entire heating and cooling systems for your home, which translates to even greater savings.

    We make it convenient for you

    Before the summer heat is upon you, we’ll call you to schedule a convenient time to shut down your heating unit and start up your cooling system after we thoroughly inspect and tune the unit for optimal performance and efficiency.

    Also, in advance of the cooler temperatures in the fall, we’ll shut down your cooling system, inspect your heating unit, and prepare it to warm your home for the colder season. We will perform a comprehensive carbon monoxide test on your heating unit to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

    We call our members well in advance to schedule your appointment to prevent the stress that comes with the new season.

    Enjoy preferential treatment

    As a Service Agreement member, you’ll receive preferential treatment throughout the year. This means that if you require service or have an emergency, we will prioritize your needs.

    Our fall visit

    Upon our fall visit, we’ll shut down your refrigerated air or evaporative air-cooling system, including draining the water lines, pumps and reservoir. We’ll also install your exterior cover, if present, and the dampers, if they’re required. Then we’ll start up your heating unit and perform a thorough 15-point safety inspection, including a carbon monoxide test, performance tune-up and filter cleaning.

    Our spring visit

    During our spring visit, we’ll shutdown your heating unit and remove seasonal dampers if required. Then we’ll start up your cooling system, including a 15-point safety inspection and performance tune-up for the refrigerated air or a 10-point safety inspection and tune-up for the evaporative air cooling system. We’ll also check and clean the filters to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

    Final considerations

    Like taking your vehicle to your favorite mechanic for its annual service, your heating and cooling system also require servicing each year.

    Visiting your home twice annually enables us to inspect your system for safety and perform preventive maintenance to keep the systems operating smoothly for their designed lifespan. This will also keep you in compliance with various warranties on your units.

    Fine-tuned and properly maintained systems conserve energy, resulting in lower utility bills. The Service Agreement Membership practically pays for itself from the savings you’ll realize.

    Other Systems & Services we offer:

    • Tankless “instant” hot water system
    • Purified drinking water & water softening
    • Evaporative cooler to refrigerated air conversion
    • Upgrades to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems
    • Kitchen and bathroom remodels
    • Sewer line cleaning and video inspection
    • Water and sewer line replacement
    • Electrical estimates and repair
    • Commercial services
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