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    Corrales Electrician

    We are your Corrales electrician. If you need an electrician near Corrales, we are also here to serve you. We aim to provide the best service to all Corrales electrical contractors. We run the gamut of services from doorbells and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to tankless water heaters and other large appliances requiring 240V power. If you have outgrown your current electrical service by adding new electrical loads or want your electrical panel upgraded from fuses to circuit breakers, we can do the work for you. If you need electrical troubleshooting or electrical wiring repair, we are also your Corrales electrician capable of serving your needs. Call our team today at (505) 349-4404

    Dependable and Professional Electricians in Corrales

    We can diagnose flickering lights, lights, and receptacles with no power and problems with wiring supplying major appliances and systems (heating, cooling, etc.). Our company should always be your electrician in Corrales. We can trace problem circuits and determine the location of the problem. We are also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, so you can be sure that when you choose us, you’ll receive award-winning customer service every time.

    Electrical Wiring Repair And Additions in Corrales Homes and Businesses

    We repair broken light switches (solving flickering lights), loose or broken receptacles, and lighting fixtures. We can solve two-prong receptacles that do not accept modern three-prong cords (without adapters) while providing added shock protection. Our experts also add switches, lighting fixtures, and receptacles to meet your new needs. Whatever electrical repair you need doing, you can count on our Corrales electricians.

    Corrales Electrical Contractors

    We are Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We understand that the work of an electrician in Corrales (or anywhere) is all about your safety. Our company employs only licensed electricians, who are available for emergency service, your 24-hour electricians. We scrupulously follow the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC), which the State of New Mexico has adopted. It contains many requirements that protect you, including:

    • GFCIs near areas with water: sinks, in bathrooms, and outdoors to protect you from shock.
    • AFCIs and properly sized fuses or breakers to reduce the risk of fire from damaged cords and wiring.
    • Tamper-resistant receptacles to protect children from shocks and burns.

    We will not cut corners. All our work complies with the NEC, energy, and building codes. We can provide all the electrical needs for your residence: new construction, additions, and remodeling. We have expertise in the specialized areas of spas, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. If you need an electrician near Corrales or need emergency service from a 24-hour electrician, you should contact us.

    Call Our Emergency Electricians in Corrales Today!

    Don’t wait to call when you have an electrical problem in your home. The longer you leave an electrical issue unchecked, the more chance it has to cause significant damage to your property. Give our emergency electricians in Corrales a call at the first sign of problems, and we can be out to your home or business right away. Call our team at (505) 349-4404 for all of your electrical repairs in Corrales.

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    We proudly serve our greater Albuquerque area in a full range of plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services. Our goal is to provide a quality of service that makes you feel like we went the extra mile for you as our customers, and sometimes that includes driving the extra mile to help you. That's why we have a fleet of dependable service teams are able to cover an area almost 40 miles accross at any time of day, rain or shine!
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