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Rio Rancho Water Heaters

Rio Rancho water heaters are essential appliances to any comfortable home or business. Water heater repair in Rio Rancho is available from Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our customers need to have hot water on a daily basis to wash dishes and shower. In most cases, Rio Rancho water heaters last for 20 years or longer, but the appliance will eventually require a repair or replacement.

Maintenance Can Prevent You From Needing Rio Rancho Water Heater Repair

Our customers are less likely to need a Rio Rancho water heater replacement when the appliance is taken care of with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance includes making sure the appliance does not have leaking intake water pipes or a defective thermostat. In addition, to avoid needing a frequent Rio Rancho water heater repair, our technicians are available to remove sediments from the appliance’s holding tank. Sediments from hard chemicals build up inside the holding tank, and it is common to have a tank that is nearly full of a gravel-like substance.

Offering Water Heater Repair In Rio Rancho

Many of our customers do not know that a water heater is filled with sediments even though there is less hot water in a home or business. Instead of requesting frequent water heater replacement in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque, we recommend calling us once a year to have the appliance emptied and diagnosed. During a yearly inspection, a technician can use a hose to empty the water heater’s water from the tank along with the sediments. This process requires turning off the appliance’s power and intake valves during the sediment removal. After the appliance is emptied, a Rio Rancho water heater repair technician can check the device’s components for degradation to replace certain parts. If a major problem is found with the appliance, then this is a perfect time for a Rio Rancho water heater replaced with a new energy-efficient model.

Reliable Rio Rancho Water Heater Replacement

Our customers need modern Rio Rancho water heaters that are made according to new federal standards that are designed to reduce energy consumption. One of our Albuquerque Water Heaters, Heating & Cooling technicians will help a customer choose an appliance that uses the proper type of fuel and that is the correct capacity size for a business or home. After our customers experience water heater replacement in Rio Rancho residential and commercial properties, we know that the water is cleaner and hotter than before.


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