Bosses Day

For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about bosses I’ve had in the past, and I’ve thought about what I liked or disliked about having them for bosses or managers. There… Read more »

Family Fall Activities

The weather is FINALLY cooling off, and our air conditioners can take a break from cooling off our homes. This is one of the reasons why I love the fall…. Read more »

Movie Reboots

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in past blogs that I’m a huge movie buff. I tell anyone I meet too. I’ve always loved movies, ever since I was a little… Read more »

First Day of Fall

Fall is officially here! Well, according to the calendar anyways. Even though it’s considered to be fall, it still feels like summer here in New Mexico. But now we’re progressively… Read more »

Water Softeners

Anyone who lives in New Mexico knows that we’re notorious for having hard water. Just comes with the territory. In fact, some parts of the state have harder water than… Read more »