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    Placitas Swamp Cooler Repair

    Placitas swamp cooler repair, replacement, and other services are what we here at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling do best! We serve locals in many neighborhoods, suburbs, and business districts. We provide options for Placitas evaporative coolers that benefit locals during minor and significant situations using professional techniques and proper tools and supplies. Because we’re highly trained installation, maintenance, and repair technicians, we can tackle service tasks quickly, effectively, and efficiently. So if you need any Placitas swamp cooler service, call us at (505) 349-4404. You can also visit us at 4300 2nd Street, Northwest Albuquerque, NM 87107. Regarding refrigerated air in Placitas, our techs are the ones to trust.

    Reliable and affordable Placitas swamp cooler repair and other services are always a quick phone call away. Call or visit our Contact Us page to schedule service today!

    Our Placitas Swamp Cooler Repair Methods

    When a swamp cooler doesn’t operate properly, our swamp cooler repair technicians perform inspections to determine what is causing the problem. We fully understand how to service units with major operational flaws and gadgets with significant problems that dramatically impact efficiency. For example, when a unit fails to reach a proper temperature, we’ll try to repair the components that influence the heating conditions in space. If these components can’t be repaired, we’ll replace them with commercial-grade supplies to ensure reliability throughout the cooling season. Besides swamp cooler repair in Placitas for temperature problems, we also service units that:

    • Operate inefficiently
    • Produce harsh odors
    • Need electrical repairs

    How We Handle Placitas Swamp Cooler Installation

    Placitas swamp cooler installation projects require precision because inefficiencies will occur if the wires are correctly configured. This is why our crews that tackle installations for Placitas evaporative coolers never rush; every procedure is implemented professionally to ensure the best results. To provide excellent customer service, we work with locals who need swamp coolers in various locations in a house or building. Since we understand how to run wires, our installation techniques provide practical benefits in compact spaces and areas with complicated design schemes.

    Our Methods for Placitas Swamp Cooler Maintenance

    When swamp coolers need to be prepped for the cooling season, our crews use special tools and effective maintenance techniques to enhance critical components that influence how air circulates in a space. Because safety is important to us, we focus on areas where bacteria can grow during all maintenance projects. The bacteria that generates is harmful and can produce odors when a swamp cooler is used. After a unit is cleaned, our Placitas swamp cooler maintenance crews implement procedures to tune or replace components that impact performance and temperatures.

    Get In Touch With Our Placitas Swamp Cooler Repair Professionals

    Contact Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment for swamp cooler services. If you need swamp cooler repair, we’ll strive to begin the project promptly. We commute to many homes and buildings in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

    Our team of professional and reliable Placitas swamp cooler repair technicians always stands by to help you with all your swamp cooler needs. Contact us today!

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