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When your heater stops working, you worry that you may have to replace it.  Usually this is not the case.  Most of the time, your furnace can be repaired by replacing a few parts.  We offer in-home repair estimates and we service all brands.  We will determine what is needed to get your heating system running at its best again.  We want the repair to be as cost effective for you as possible.

There may be times when simply fixing your heater may not be your best option in the long term.  As older furnaces age, the parts wear out and you may be replacing different parts year after year.  We will inform you about any problems that may be coming down the road and give you options to address them.

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Consider the Utility Cost Savings of Replacing your 15+ Year Old Furnace with an Energy Efficient One

If you have an older unit in need of repair, you may want consider replacing it with a newer more energy efficient model.  Efficiency has greatly improved since your home was built.  It is extremely likely that your furnace is the same age as your home!

Furnaces older than 15 years are usually operating at an efficiency of 65% or less.  That means only 65% of the natural gas put into the unit is being converted into heat for your home.  The other 35% percent is being lost.  Installing a new unit with an efficiency of 80-95% could result in dramatic savings on your home heating bills.  The price of a new furnace may be more affordable than you think.  Give us a call to schedule an in-home assessment.  We will work with you to find a solution that fits into your budget and meets your heating goals.

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