How to Clean a Drain Trap

Your drain trap is really good at catching and holding debris. Unfortunately, this will lead to a slow draining sink or backups into the sink basin. Fortunately, your drain trap… Read more »

National Doughnut Day

Not many things smell as good as a warm, fresh doughnut. I mean, bacon is great too, but doughnuts are downright amazing when they’re fresh. I’m not someone who craves… Read more »

Pack Rat Day

Confession time: I’m a pack rat. I refuse to call myself a hoarder, but I do save a lot of items that I don’t use or even look at. I… Read more »

Kentucky Derby

What images come to mind when you think of the Kentucky Derby? I’ll bet you’re thinking of mint juleps, large beautiful and ornate hats, and horses. The Kentucky Derby, also… Read more »


Easter is just a few short days away, and I’m nowhere near ready. I have a messy house and no candy to put in the plastic eggs in the basket…. Read more »