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The ABQ Essential Guide to Drain Cleanouts

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Are you dealing with a stubborn blockage that needs to be resolved quickly? Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling plumbers recommend starting with a drain cleanout as the best first step. This guide explains the purpose and significance of cleanouts. So, without further ado, let’s talk about drain cleanouts and how they help keep your plumbing system running like clockwork!

Understanding Drain Cleanouts: Purpose and Importance

Cleanouts are crucial for the proper functioning of a residential plumbing system. They provide easy access to the main sewer line and help prevent clogs. With their regular maintenance, they can ensure swift resolution of blockages and prevent minor drainage issues from becoming major plumbing problems.

Different Types Of Drain Cleanouts

There are different types of drain cleanouts available, including:

Indoor Drain Cleanouts

Inside your home’s sanctuary, indoor drain cleanouts make their presence known more subtly. Often found lurking near foundation walls or nestled in the nooks of utility areas, these T- or Y-shaped fittings boast a threaded plug, complete with a square nut and sometimes a plastic cap, ready to be unfurled when needed.

Roof Drain Cleanouts

Atop the building, nestled high on the vent stack, are the critical components of vertical plumbing maintenance: roof drain cleanouts. These guardians provide an essential platform for conducting repairs and routine checks, such as clearing blockages from drains and ensuring your property’s drainage system remains in peak condition.

Locating Your Drain Cleanout

Finding your home’s drain cleanout doesn’t have to be a challenge. You’ll often find them in places such as:

  • • Around the house foundation, both indoors and outdoors
  • • In basement areas
  • • Within bathrooms
  • • Inside garages
  • • Located in utility spaces

Preventative Measures to Keep Your Drain Cleanout Functioning Properly

Just as knights regularly tend to their armament, homeowners must pay attention to the care of their drain cleanouts. Preventative tactics are vital in a successful campaign against blockages and plumbing troubles. An effective routine involves sending a surge of boiling water through your drains to melt away fat or soap buildup, which helps prevent organic matter from clinging to your drain line’s interior. Ways to prevent clogs include:

  • • Using vinegar and baking soda to clear slow-moving drains.
  • • Using drain covers and screens.
  • • Scraping plates and dishes before putting them in the dishwasher or sink.
  • • Getting annual inspections and drain cleanings from our team of service professionals.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services: When to Call a Plumber

All drains eventually require the specialized attention of a professional. When you’re up against a clogged drain that refuses to clear, it’s critical to enlist the help of expert drain cleaning services. Our specialists are equipped with advanced technology like hydro jets, sewer augers, and camera or drain equipment explicitly designed to resolve stubborn blockages and identify potential underlying problems. Our strategies include:

  • • Using a snake to clean out drains.
  • • Hydro jetting.
  • • Trenchless repair or replacement techniques.

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