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Converting to Tankless Water Heater

Winter is time to take long, hot showers, and steaming, relaxing baths. It is one of the best ways to stay warm. The only thing holding you back is your access to hot water. It probably isn’t limitless. In fact, it probably runs out much too fast. Want to know a secret? Your access to hot water actually could be limitless, all you need to do is purchase a tankless water heater.

What and How?

So what exactly are tankless water heaters, and how do they work? Tankless water heaters predictably forgo the use of a large storage tank. Instead, the use powerful heat exchangers to immediately raise the temperature of water. Often these heat exchangers are made out of innovative copper coils. Tankless water heaters can be electric, propane, or natural gas powered. There are point-of-use heaters and whole-home heaters. Point-of-use heaters are placed near individual outlets, such as the kitchen sink, while-whole home units take the place of your current heater.


Before you run out and switch to a tankless water heater, you should think about a number of considerations. First off, tankless water heaters are typically more expensive than standard water heaters.

This cost can be offset over time by the fact that they are also more energy efficient. Tankless heaters will immediately start saving you money on your electric bill. You should also consider how hot water is used in your home.

Tankless heaters can provide an unlimited, steady flow of hot water to an individual shower, but they will struggle if multiple showers are being used at once. To address this, you can use multiple tankless heaters.

Consider the needs of your home. How many people are using hot water at one time? Are many people prone to taking long showers? Answer these questions to help determine if a tankless heater is right for you.

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