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HVAC System Maintenance and Installations

ac heating ducts

If you’re a fan of the heat, you’re most likely thrilled with the summer weather we’re currently having. You might be planning a cookout for dinner, drinking refreshing cocktails or soft drinks on the couch while watching your favorite movie or TV show, and other warm-weather activities.

With the heat, furnaces and heaters are no longer necessary, and keeping everyone cool is the new goal. People turn on their cooling systems to keep themselves and their families cool and comfortable.

If you have an air conditioning unit that needs the filter replaced, you’ll want to get plenty of filters in the correct size. But most importantly, you’ll need to replace those filters once a month. This will help your HVAC system continue to function correctly.

Some air conditioners don’t need a filter replaced; they have a reusable filter. These need to be cleaned every month with a bit of water, dried thoroughly, and then put back in the unit.

Have Us Start Your AC Unit This Summer

Many people call a professional HVAC company to turn on their cooling units and ensure they’re in good condition. While at home, they can also assess whether or not a part could be necessary in the near future or at the time of service.

We’re The Go-To Company For All Your HVAC Maintenance Needs!

Thankfully for you, dear reader, Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling can not only help you with the maintenance on your air conditioning system, but they can also help to replace and install that new unit for you. On top of that, our fantastic team will help pull permits and assist with scheduling an inspection of that new unit to ensure your family is safe this summer.

Our amazing HVAC installation team can help with replacing the old or non-functioning air conditioner this season! They’re excited to provide you with the best cooling unit for your home and to put a smile back on your face when your home feels cool and comfortable again. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you and your family this season. Call us today!

We offer professional HVAC maintenance in the following areas:

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