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Is it time to replace your furnace?

furnace replacement

Is it time to replace your furnace? Replacing your furnace could be good for your wallet and your health.

It’s probably not a welcome expense, but replacing your furnace can have a desirable outcome on your overall utility budget and possibly your health.

No one likes to spend money when they don’t need to, but even if your furnace is “running fine” a newer model could be a wise investment. Units that are older than 15 years are likely operating at little more than ½ of their efficiency. So just as much hot air is going out of your home as is coming in. It’s literally just like burning money. Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling tries everything we can to not replace a furnace. Unfortunately, it is sometimes that best or only option. Here are some things to consider before making this big decision.

Potential Savings Benefits

It is estimated that a new, efficient furnace can save an average of $300-500 per year for the homeowner. So your initial investment will be returned in monthly energy savings within a few years. The newer heat pump systems could save you even more as they don’t run on conventional fuel.

Potential Health Benefits

Older units can be a possible health hazard. Cracks, leaks, and rusted points of contact can all be a source of poor air quality for your home. Besides being a carbon monoxide danger, these particles in the air can cause or worsen allergies, coughs/colds, and respiratory problems.

Potential Comfort Benefits

A new system (combined with the proper ductwork and insulation) can make the overall comfort of your home much higher. No more rooms that are too hot or too cold. A nice, even temperature can be achieved for the whole home. Then there is the added convenience of the highly user friendly controls that the newer models have. This makes adjusting and maintaining the temperature of your home simple.

The price of a new furnace may be more affordable than you think. We will work with you to find a solution that fits into your budget and meets your heating goals. Give us a call to schedule an in-home assessment.  505-349-4404

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