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Basic HVAC Maintenance Tips And Guidelines

ac heating ducts

Most people today rely upon their HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment in their homes. As such, it is essential to follow a few simple tips and guidelines to keep your home cool and efficient during the summer and warm and cozy during the winter. One easy example is replacing AC filters at least once a month.

Reduce Energy Usage And Results In Less Strain On Your Air Conditioning

Other important considerations for homeowners looking to maintain their HVAC system in good operating condition include keeping shades or curtains closed on the side of the house with the most sun exposure. This can help reduce energy usage and reduce strain on your air conditioning system during the summer months. Most importantly, homeowners should have a professional inspection of their HVAC system, including ducts and all components of a cooling and heating system. Cleaning ducts is also essential to long-term system operation.

Ensure That Your Home Is Properly Insulated

While homeowners can clean ducts independently, many professionals offer this type of service at a reasonable rate. In addition, sealing gaps, leaks, and cracks in the basement, crawlspace, and attic can also help reduce energy usage and HVAC system demands. Equally important in this regard is to ensure that your home is adequately insulated. When all these various aspects of HVAC maintenance and upkeep are combined, the result can be sizable energy savings and longer life for your air conditioning and heating system. Another great tip is installing a programmable type thermostat allowing preset temperatures to signal the HVAC system at certain times of the day.

Routine Inspections Of Your Heating And Air-Conditioning System

More aggressive strategies for saving money on energy and extending the life of your HVAC system include replacing single-pane windows with more energy-efficient double-pane type windows. These windows are unique in that they are highly effective at deflecting the sun’s rays to help reduce energy usage. These tips, along with having regular and routine inspections of your heating and air-conditioning system by HVAC experts and professionals, can go a long way in saving a homeowner a considerable amount of money. In addition, contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling for all Albuquerque HVAC repair and maintenance needs.

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