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World’s Best Bathrooms

From the vivid imagination of Artist Monica Bonvicini gave birth to the concept of a bathroom that one could see out of but none could see in. The idea is to create the illusion that one is reliving themselves in front of everyone—of course they are not. Located in an England art museum, Tate Britain gallery, the bathroom is surround by art creating one great work of art called “Don’t Miss a Sec”—cleverly titled.

Aquarian Bathroom

In Japan, there is a side bathroom that doubles as an aquarium. Unfortunately this restroom is girls only except for the one male turtle in the tank. This impressive aquarium cost around $270,000 to build and it draws a wide crowd from all over Japan. The artist behind the aquarium wanted its users to feel the rush of evacuating waste in the open ocean.

I Love…..Gold

“This is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color, it brilliance, its divine heaviness,” said Goldfinger, James Bonds arch nemesis. Well, the Jake at Hong Kong’s Swisshorn palace would have driven Goldfinger to madness. This Bathroom is comprised of more than 380kg of solid gold and more than 6,200 gemstones weighing in at a price of $38 million dollars. The Swisshorn bathroom is the most expensive latrine in the world.

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