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Winnie the Pooh day

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“Deep in the hundred-acre wood/Where Christopher Robin plays/You will find the enchanted neighborhood/Of Christopher’s childhood days.

A donkey named Eeyore is his friend/And Kanga/and little Roo/There’s Rabbit/And Piglet/And there’s Owl/But most of all Winnie the Pooh.”

It’s amazing that at my age, I know the lyrics to this song. Even more amazing is that I wasn’t raised to know this song. Sure, like most children, I liked Winnie the Pooh. He wasn’t a childhood obsession I had, but I appreciated the ol’ bear all the same. He had the kindness and naïve nature that has been endearing to generations of children for years.

Now, when I was in high school, I had a friend who was absolutely obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. Like, he was painted on her bedroom wall, she had the sheets, the bedding, a rug, coffee mugs. You name it, she probably had it. She still loves Pooh bear to this day.

What Is Winnie The Pooh Day?

January 18th is Winnie the Pooh Day. The day was created as a way to remember the birth of Winnie the Pooh’s creator, A.A. Milne. Did you know that A.A. stands for Allan Alexander? You do now.

There have been movies over the year, both fictional and “based on true events” about the beloved children’s author. I’ve only seen one of those, and it was the one starring Ewan McGregor. It was cute and made me long for my childhood. It was definitely a fictitious movie about the author, but it brought a sense of whimsy much needed in today’s world.

Take some time today to read Winnie the Pooh to your kids. The weather is perfect for snuggling under a blanket with your little ones and reading to them. Or watch an older Winnie the Pooh movie, or even one of the movies about the author. This can help take away any stress you have from your busy workday or any other stressors weighing you down.

It’s unsure how many team members with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling knew that today was Winnie the Pooh Day. Hopefully it puts a smile on their faces and gives them an idea of what to do when they get home and see their kids. It has certainly inspired me to take my son to the library today to check out a Winnie the Pooh book and refamiliarize myself with the silly ol’ bear. Then, after our journey to the library, perhaps I can get the song stuck in my son’s head too. Here’s hoping!

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