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“Why Isn’t My Swamp Cooler Working?!”

Air Conditioner Repair

One of the most common questions asked by many people during the blistering summer heat, particularly in July, is why their: “Why isn’t my swamp cooler isn’t working?!” The first thought that comes to mind is whether it’s working or if there’s something wrong that needs to be adjusted or fixed. But what if nothing is wrong with your swamp cooler?

Common Swamp Cooler Problems

You heard me right, folks. To be fair, there’s plenty of circumstances where the swamp cooler could have a legitimate issue that’s causing it to not cool your home properly. This can be anything from a nonfunctioning pump, to the float getting stuck and not wetting the pads, to calcium buildup on the pads and not allowing water to get through (thanks to hard New Mexico water) or even the thermostat not communicating with the cooler. These are issues our plumbers and technicians are ready and equipped to help with.

Sometimes Swamp Coolers Fail

If you’ve owned a swamp cooler before or have sweated out a New Mexico summer with one that wasn’t working, then you know it can be very uncomfortable. It becomes easy to be jealous of anyone that has an air conditioner and is staying cool as a cucumber. So, if a plumber or technician comes to your home and finds that nothing is wrong with your cooler, what gives?

Maintenance is Everything

Generally, with a well-maintained swamp cooler, there’s a 20-degree difference between the temperature outside and the temperature inside your home. However, swamp coolers have a difficult time keeping up with high humidity and blazing summer temperatures over 100 degrees. July and August are two of the hottest months of the year, and with them come monsoon rains and hot weather. The greater the humidity, the less efficient the cooler will work.

Why New Mexico is a Great Environment for Swamp Coolers!

Luckily for us, New Mexico is a great place for swamp coolers due to the low humidity most of the year. When we’re lucky enough to have rain for longer than a few minutes, most swamp coolers can operate with only the fan working. This will cause your home to feel more humid, but it will also cut back on water usage to the cooler for a moment. When the rain stops, you can turn on the pump to the cooler again.

Contact Our Swamp Cooler Professionals Today!

If you’re sure that it’s not the sweltering New Mexico heat that’s causing you to sweat in your home, contact us here at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to help assess the situation and we’ll send a professional to your home to get you cooled off in no time.

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