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Why Drain Vents are Necessary in the Home Plumbing System

Here are Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we have well over 50 years combined experience in the fields of plumbing and HVAC. This allows us to deliver unparalleled service. We know the ins and the outs plumbing and HVAC systems unlike anyone else. Today, we are going to share a little of the knowledge with you by discussing drain vents in home plumbing systems.

Some Plumbing Basics

One of the most interesting things about the home plumbing system, is that it both relatively simple and incredible complex at the same time. When you think about it, it is most just water running through pipes, right? Almost right. For the plumbing system to work correctly, we have to consider pressure, water flow, clogs, leaks, back flow, waste disposal, and a hundred other small concerns. One of the major roles of the plumbing system is the removal of waste from the home. When you flush the toilet, you want the contents of that toilet to disappear forever. Drain vents actually help make that happen!

How Drain Vents Work

Most homes in American have a lone, long, vertical pipe which peeks out of the ceiling. This is the top of the drain vent. You may think your home plumbing system is just full of water and waste, but there is actually air and gas running through It as well, which could cause problems. Gas builds up as waste breaks down. This can cause backflow or even pressure buildup inside the pipes. You don’t want noxious fumes gurgling up out of your toilet either. You want that unpleasant gas leaving your home forever. Thanks to the drain vent, it does! Gas and air escapes the plumbing system through the drain vent and is released harmless above the roof of your home while you live on pleasantly, none the wiser.

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