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What To Do About A Sweating Toilet Tank

It is a common occurrence to see a toilet tank sweating on occasion. With that said, there are some simple strategies that can be implemented to greatly reduce the occurrence of this type of event. This type of situation is normally seen in the summer when the water in the tank is cold and causes the porcelain to cool. When porcelain is cooled in this way it attracts moisture from ambient air and causes a sweating toilet tank.

Mold And Mildew

This is an important concern for homeowners because this moisture can cause subflooring to rot as well as cause mold and mildew and even tile floors to become loose and unstable. One of the best solutions with regard to this particular situation is to simply insulate the inside of the tank. The tank should be drained first and then insulation can be glued to the inside wall of the tank. A wide variety of material is available today for this purpose. This includes everything from foam rubber to plastic liners.

Be Cautious If Intending To Install Insulation Inside A Porcelain Tank

Conversely, another option for homeowners is to have a professional install something known as a tempering valve. This type of valve will effectively mix hot water with cold water as it enters the toilet tank. This is a more costly solution but is highly effective at preventing a sweating toilet tank. As an added note, homeowners should be cautious if they intend to install insulation inside a porcelain tank. This is simply due to the fact that porcelain can crack easily. When using a wrench or other tools inside a porcelain tank exercise extreme caution.

Well Designed And Well Engineered

Finally, homeowners that experience a water leak inside a toilet tank should consider adding a little bit of food coloring to the tank water. Waiting several minutes after doing this, homeowners can then determine if there is indeed a leak occurring within the water tank of the toilet. Today’s modern toilets are well designed and well engineered, however they do require occasional maintenance and they do have their share of problems from time to time. Take the time to explore all options with regard to maintaining and caring for a toilet tank in the best way possible. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for plumbing services in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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