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Water Heater at Peak Performance

The most important components of every home are as follows: the air-conditioner, dryer and washer, and of course, the water heater. Indeed, this component is essential to hygiene and comfort. Some will neglect the proper care of their water heater, and then question why it fails them. Below are the essentials steps one must take in order ensure the longevity of their water heater.

Maintain Temp

You should always set your water heater to the ideal temperature setting. Usually, a licensed professional will make sure this is set upon installation. But for those individuals dealing with amateur plumbers, you ought to check to confirm your water heater is set at the idyllic temperature of 120 degrees. Some careless companies will set your water heater at 140 degrees, and this will not only waste energy, but it will become a serious safety hazard.

Anode Rods

This is one of the most vital components of your system. It protects the lining of your water heater from deteriorating. Without it, your main line would erode, and all would be lost.

Flush to Avoid a Bust

Flushing your water heater should not be confused with flushing a toilet. Indeed, flushing the water heater is a way to relieve all the excess sediment that may accumulate with in your storage tank. It is vital that your water heater is flushed every two years. Either do it yourself, or call a licensed plumber like the ones employed at Albuquerque Plumbing.

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