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Understanding Your Home Plumbing

Modern humans take too much for granted. No one cares anymore how electricity works, how their computers actually function, or even how their indoor plumbing works. Plumbing has been around since the time of the Greeks and some even claim that it is responsible for the success of the great Roman Empire. What’s more, an absence of indoor plumbing can be traced to the bubonic plague’s outbreak in England which killed off more than 1/3rd of earth’s entire population.  But understanding the basics is easy. The essentials of plumbing splits into two basic parts.

Fresh Water Supply

Fresh water is obviously your inbound pipes. These pipes are comprised primarily of plastic and are generally very thick (25mm). Fresh water is transported from a public source through various plumbing networks connected to the home and other appliances. Within this labyrinth of fresh water pipes cold water and hot water pipes take two separate courses. Hot water pipes are of course connected to your water heater and cold water pipes bypass the water heater. Hopefully your cold water line is connected to a reverse osmosis filter.

Outbound Pipes

Without a waste water line your home would be inhospitable. Outbound pipes serve the vital function of carrying waste water away from your home and into the sewers. Hopefully your outbound pipes are buried under ground (they should be). Due to the nature of outbound pipes clogging is very common, and thus, regular maintenance is highly advisable.

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