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Trades – Rewarding and Rich in Opportunities

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Let’s step into our “Wayback Machine” for a second. Do you remember being in school, and it seemed that EVERYONE and their mother wanted to know what your plans were for after graduation? Do you remember what your answer was? It may have been to attend community college, a four-year college, maybe backpack through Europe, or not go to college at all.

We can count on parents, grandparents, and everyone in between asking that question for many years to come. Heck, you may have caught yourself asking a youngster what their plans were. Many adults of different ages and backgrounds have contemplated what to do with their lives, and the common goal is usually the same: to have the ability to provide for themselves and have the lifestyle they’ve dreamt of.

The Benefits Of Joining a Trade

Common choices for potential career paths are doctors, lawyers, and IT. Yet many people don’t consider the trades, which comes with fantastic perks! What are they? Well…

Let’s start with little to no student loan debt! Who doesn’t want to keep some of that hard-earned cash in their pocket? Sure, there are trade schools, and yes, they have tuition. But it’s not nearly as high as a traditional four-year school. Also, if you decide to go to a trade school, it will take less time to get that education. Plus, if you have student loan debt for trade school, it won’t take as long to pay it off. Sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it?

While we’re on the money train, another perk is that a decent income can be earned – even just starting out! The average salary for a plumber or HVAC technician can vary depending on the company, where you live, the market, etc. According to indeed.com, the average base salary for a plumber in Albuquerque is $25.04 per hour. For an HVAC technician, it’s $24.43 per hour. Not bad, right? That’s definitely more than minimum wage!

Possibly the best perk about the trades, such as a plumber, is job security. Don’t believe me? Every home and business has a bathroom, has heating and cooling, and has electrical running through them. Those homes and businesses require maintenance, service, and occasional installation. Who better to perform those services than a qualified and educated plumber, HVAC technician or electrician?

Trades Provide You With An Opportunity To Work With Your Hands

If you or someone you know loves to work with their hands and needs to stay busy, the trades are perfect! Thanks to the job security, there will rarely be an idle day, especially if you’re skilled and talented at what you do.

Do you have to go to a trade school to get a job in the trades? Not necessarily. Many companies will hire inexperienced men and women as apprentices under the watchful eye of a seasoned technician or Journeyman. Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is one of those companies!

Our technicians and managers will take anyone under their wing and teach them the necessary skills needed to be successful and efficient in the trade. One of the many goals for Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is to help get educated and adept technicians into the field, whether they stay with the company or not. Additionally, Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling will help technicians obtain their Journeyman’s license by providing paid coaching for all technicians to earn their Journeyman’s card, and we will pay for the card after they pass the test. Time for another financial perk…Journeymen can make more money per hour!

Want To Start A Career In The Trades? Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling For More Information

Did this entice you to consider a career in the trades, or did it provoke you to encourage a friend or relative? If you are looking for a change, perhaps with a start as an apprentice or as a technician looking for a change, Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is happy and willing to take applications for those who are hungry to progress and grow in their careers. Contact us today!

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