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Tips For Maintaining A Furnace In Top Condition

A furnace is an essential and important component of a home that helps to ensure that heating is always available when needed. While the best way to keep a furnace operating at peak performance is to have an annual professional check performed on the equipment, there are some things that homeowners can do to further ensure that a furnace operates as intended through all types of weather.

Tends To Reduce Efficiency Of All Components

For example, keeping a furnace clean is one of the key aspects of making sure that it works properly. Most experts would agree that when a heating system or furnace is dirty it runs less efficiently and ultimately wastes fuel over the long-term. Dirt tends to reduce efficiency of all components associated with a furnace. In addition, regular lubrication and belt adjustments are an excellent way of making sure that a system runs without interruption or defect. Homeowners should exercise caution especially with regard to furnaces that use gas.

Considered Okay To Reset The Circuit Breaker One Time

Anytime gas is smelled in the home it is important to turn off the gas as quickly as possible and not turn on any lights. In addition, homeowners should call the gas company as soon as possible and open all doors and windows. Any time a furnace malfunctions or simply will not run the first step in correcting this problem is to check circuit breakers. If a circuit breaker is tripped at the main panel it is usually considered okay to reset the circuit breaker one time. If the breaker trips again, experts recommend that homeowners not reset the breaker a second time.

Properly Maintained And Cared For Over The Long Term

This is a good time for homeowners to contact a furnace-maintenance or furnace repair-company or an electrician. Resetting a breaker more than once could result in a short or a possible fire. A furnace can last for many years and decades when it is properly maintained and cared for over the long term. This combined with having annual professional furnace inspections performed can greatly enhance the performance and reliability of this important piece of equipment. The end of the heating season is often the best timeframe to have a furnace inspected. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for furnace maintenance in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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