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Tips for Home Energy Savings: Part One

We have already spent some time talking about easy ways to conserve water at home. Now it is time to talk about conserving energy. This is an even bigger subject, with even more tips and tricks! There is also a much larger opportunity for savings. Odds are, your energy bill is your most expensive utility bill. Wouldn’t it be great see it shrink, even if just a little?

Plugging Leaks

Yup, plugging leaks isn’t just a plumbing thing. You need to plug leaks to keep your home energy efficient as well. Air is constantly trying to escape your home. When it is warm outside, the cool refreshing air from your air conditioner is going to trying to slip out through the cracks and leaks typically found around windows and doors. Use a sealer to plug these up, and keep your carefully temperature controlled air inside your home.

Using Insulation

So now you have plugged up all the small leaks air was using to escape the comfort of your home. You probably want to sit back, rest easy, and call this a win. Unfortunately, temperature controlled air is still going to be doing its best to get outside. Homes bleed temperature controlled air gradually out through their walls. Insulation keeps this from happening. An estimated 50 percent of American home are underinsualted. Beefing up your home insulation is a sure way to save energy on heating and cooling.

Seal Ducts

Air ducts deliver air throughout your home much in the same way veins deliver blood throughout the body. If your air ducts have leaks, temperature controlled air might having trouble getting where it needs to go. A leaking air duct isn’t going to be half as obvious as a cut on your body. You may need to hire an energy efficiency professional to help you try and hunt down air duct leaks and seal them up.

Taking just these three simple steps is sure to see some immense energy savings, but don’t stop now. Part two is coming up soon!

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