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Tips For Dealing With Home Plumbing Emergencies

We all tend to take our plumbing for granted today. In fact, running water and free-flowing drains are expected of homeowners, where emergencies are often unexpected. However, plumbing emergencies do happen on occasion and as such should be handled in the right way. For example, a homeowner that experiences a faucet that will not shut off should take decisive action to prevent possible water damage.

Should Be Turned In A Counterclockwise Direction

To effectively address a running faucet that will not shut off it is best to immediately turn off the water directly at the fixture shut off valve. This is typically located underneath the sink and should be turned in a counterclockwise direction to stop the flow of water. In the event that there is no shutoff valve located underneath the sink, homeowners should seek out the main water shutoff valve and turn off the water at that location immediately. This is essential because an overflow of water can result in tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.

A Steaming Hot Water Faucet Situation

Once the water has stopped flowing it is important to either repair the faucet or have a professional repair the faucet. In some instances it may even be necessary to replace the entire faucet. Another situation that often requires immediate response is that of a steaming hot water faucet situation. This particular situation requires that homeowners open all of the hot water faucets in the home as a way to relieve what is likely an overheated hot water tank. Equally important is to turn off the electrical supply or gas supply to the heater as soon as possible.

Pressure Relief Valve

Once this has been accomplished it is best to let the faucets run continuously until cold water flows. Once this happens homeowners then have a clear indication that water in the water heater is no longer overheating. Once this has been ascertained it is best to turn off the faucets throughout the house. After these emergency procedures have been accomplished it is then recommended to contact a professional plumbing company to have performed any repairs that are necessary. Typical components that fail in this regard are either the pressure relief valve or the water heater’s thermostat. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for experienced and knowledgeable plumbing services in the greater Albuquerque area.

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