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The Insidious Slab Leak

Nothing is worse for a plumbing system than a slab leak. Indeed, a slab leak is to your plumbing system like cancer is to your body. It can be difficult to detect, and if left unchecked, it will destroy the entire system. The good news is that if you catch it early, successful repair rate is extremely high. Below are a few simple tactics for catching the cancer before it destroys the system.

Listen to You Pipes

When you enter your basement, listen carefully. The sound of running water is a red flag and a clear indication that something has gone wrong. Even a trickle can be an indication of wasted water eroding the foundation of your fragile home. The only limitation of this technique is that it only works in the basement. Attempting to hear a slab leak in your kitchen, or outside is next to impossible.

Rising Water Bill

If your water bill has increased without any change in your daily habits, then it is a strong indication of a slab leak. In the event that this occurs, reach out to a qualified, professional plumber, like the ones employed at Albuquerque plumbing.

A Cracking Foundation

This is the biggest fear of every plumber. A slab leak left unnoticed can buckle the foundation of your home, and lead to cracking along the walls, floors, and general foundation of the domicile. Indeed, this can ultimately lead to the destruction of your home. If you notice anything like this call a licensed professional immediately before it’s too late.

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