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The Essentials of Home Safety

At Albuquerque plumbing we are naturally proponents of safety. Often time’s disaster can be diverted by following a few simple principles. Indeed, great joy it brings us to share a few safety tips with our readers, today.

Silent but Deadly

This maxim is usually applied to a vulgar or obscene joke. But C02 poisoning is in fact silent and deadly. It is a deadly gas comprised of one carbon molecule and one oxygen molecule. Odorless, colorless, and non-irritating, this insidious gas can kill you faster than a bullet. One ought to install a C02 detector in their home to prevent against C02 poisoning. One can also asses C02 poisoning by paying attention to symptoms: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and fainting all indicate C02 affliction.

Heating Equipment

Although it’s the summer, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on heating safety. The furnace or radiator can pose an immense threat to your home’s survival. Every homeowner ought to assess whether their heater is stabilized. If it appears that it will fall over, then remedy your wobbly heater immediately. This is obviously a no brainer. The best location for a furnace or heater is on a smooth surface away from foot traffic where it can cause no trouble.

Regular Maintenance

It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with your Plumbing and HVAC provider to make sure all the gears are greased properly. Regular maintenance will protect against any shortcomings your home might have.

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