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Turkey Day is this week, and I’m not entirely ready for it. I’m hosting Thanksgiving again this year, and I’m nowhere near ready for the festivities. I’ve just bought the groceries and I need to start cleaning the house. So, it’s going to be a busy week.

I was thinking to myself that I’m hosting 10 people, and that includes myself and my son. That then lead me to wonder how people handle hosting 15, 20 or even 30 people? Seriously, how do they do it? I would think the stress would drive them crazy!

Our family is also trying out a new tradition: dinner at someone else’s house. My parents usually host and help with cleaning. Not this year. They’ve said that they would be okay with us having Thanksgiving at their house, but they weren’t going to cook or clean. Since Thanksgiving is at my house this year, they’re willing to help with the crudité and an additional table and chairs.

Who’s Brining What?

My brothers are pitching in on food. My older brother will be supplying the turkey and a couple of sides. My oldest brother will provide a side and a couple of pies. One of my nieces has requested that I make my hot cocoa this year too. My son has decided that he wants to help cook the turkey, but we’ll see how serious he is about that. I’ll still give him credit for wanting to learn something new though.

The most important thing for our family is that we’re spending the day with each other. We may squabble while cooking, but we always enjoy sitting around the table joking with each other and eating a delicious meal prepared by all of us. Then later we talk about how much we ate, how stuffed we are, that we’re waiting for a little room in our bellies for a slice of pie, and then someone slips into a food induced slumber, either on the floor or on the couch.

Hosting Thanksgiving Comes With Unique Benefits

I don’t mind hosting Thanksgiving and starting a new tradition of our family going to someone’s house other than my parents’. This new tradition is something of an adjustment for our family. We’re so used to going to my parents’ house for the holidays that it seems strange to host it at one of our houses and to be the host. Are any of us ready? Do we have all the dishes necessary to properly host a meal of this magnitude? Most likely not. But we can accumulate dishes, silverware and other holiday dinner hosting items along the way and over the years. And we can take our own dishes and silverware to be used to help out.

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner or attending the dinner at the homes of their families and friends. We’re excited to have the day to spend with our loved ones, eating amazing food and laughing together around the table. On Monday, we’ll return to the office with stories of Thanksgiving; the food we ate, the family we saw, the memories and more. We’re sure you’ll be reminiscing over Turkey Day when you’re back to work next week as well. But for now, enjoy the food, your family and the memories you’ll be creating this weekend.

From our family to yours…Happy Thanksgiving!

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