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Summer Plumbing Tips That Can Save Homeowners Money

water heater temperature

Summer is a great time of year for all to enjoy, however there are several plumbing tips worth considering that can ultimately save homeowners money in the long run. For example, it is always a good idea to make certain that a water heater is set at or below 120°. This is important because temperatures above 120° can cause scalding. Maintaining a lower temperature in a water heater also helps to conserve energy and save money. Summer is the perfect time of year to lower the temperature on a water heater.

Soaked In Vinegar And Then Scrubbed

Another important strategy for saving money and saving water is to simply replace old outdated shower heads. This can serve to save several gallons of water per minute without a loss in water pressure. Shower heads that have excessive mineral deposits can simply be soaked in vinegar and then scrubbed in a gentle way with a small brush to remove built-up deposits. Summer is also a great time to inspect washing machine hoses. It is a good idea to test washing machine water valves and to check hoses for leaking or damage.

Evaluate And Repair Plumbing Related Problems

During the summer it is a wise strategy to check all outdoor hoses and faucets to make sure water is flowing freely and that no leaks are evident. There are many checks and inspections that can be done during the summer that are easy and convenient. This is important because when freezing temperatures arrive it is far more difficult to evaluate and repair plumbing related problems. Unusually wet areas around the yard can possibly indicate a broken underground water pipe. Even damaged sewer lines can create wet spots in a yard.

Leaks Should Be Repaired As Quickly As Possible

Ultimately, if problems are detected or suspected it is best to contact a professional plumber. Technicians with years of experience can quickly isolate and locate leaks and other problems. This can save homeowners a considerable amount of money over the long term. Leaks should be repaired as quickly as possible because water damage can result in thousands of dollars in damage to personal belongings and to the home structure. Finally, gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and inspected during the summer. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for the best in Albuquerque plumbing repair and services.

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