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St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Saint Patrick's Day

Have you bought your corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day this week? Do you have your favorite green shirt picked out for the day too? If you haven’t bought your corned beef, or your shirt (if you’re going to wear one), you better buy those now.

It’s no secret that I love corned beef on St. Patrick’s. I’m pretty sure one of my past blogs is just me raving about how much I enjoy eating it. And I always enjoy wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day too, whether it’s a shirt, a fun hat or something else.

But aside from food and donning green attire on March 17th, there are other traditions associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s start with the shamrock. No, it’s not just a fun name for a milkshake you can get at McDonald’s. The shamrock, also known as a three-leaf clover, was a cherished plant in ancient Ireland because it represented the rebirth of spring. Also, rumor has it that St. Patrick used the little plant to explain the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To this day, children still enjoy looking for shamrocks in the spring.

The Myth Of St. Patrick And The Snakes Of Ireland

Along the same lines of rumors and stories, I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of St. Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland. According to history.com, this isn’t the case. The slithering animal isn’t what was being run out of the country. This refers more to the eradication of pagan ideology and Christianity moving in.

I’m going to circle back to corned beef for a hot second. Recently, my mom and I were talking about the traditional dinner served on St. Patrick’s Day, and we were wondering why we eat it when other websites indicate that Irish bacon is actually the meat of choice on March 17th. Apparently, this started at the turn of the 20th century when Irish immigrants in New York were looking for a less expensive alternative to Irish bacon. Their Jewish neighbors turned them onto corned beef, and now it’s enjoyed by many families across the nation.

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a certain mythical figure – the leprechaun. These figures most likely come from the Celtic belief in fairies, who could use their magic for either good or evil. Folklore says that leprechauns are cranky, and responsible for mending the shoes of other fairies. Traditionally, stories of leprechauns have the little fellas portrayed as using their magic and trickery to protect their gold. These stories are continued with children today.

We’re Looking Forward To St. Patrick’s Day!

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day. We’re having breakfast together as a team and it’s also Friday. We’re going to be feeling lucky that day to not only have some great food to munch on, but that we can also enjoy it with our team members. We’ll most likely be wearing green, and we’ll definitely have fun.

From the team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we’d like to wish you a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day with your family and friends this week!

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