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Spring Changeovers With Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling

Spring changeover. Albuquerque AC repair

Right now, the evenings are still fairly cool, but the days are heating up. In fact, you may be finding yourself bouncing between the furnace and the air conditioner or debating when to switch from your heating unit to the evaporative cooler.

The battle between hot and cold is common. If you have a house with an evaporative cooler, do you add more blankets to your bed at night so you can be cooler during the day? Or, if you have an air conditioner, do you find yourself switching the heating to the cooling at some point during the day? If either of these sound like you and your home, then you’re not alone.

Evaporative Cooler Or Central Air Conditioning?

When I lived at my old house, I had an evaporative cooler and a furnace. In the spring, I was using the heat less and less, except for maybe at night just to stay warm. Or in the mornings to knock the chill off the inside of the house. The thing about switching over the heating to the cooling when you have an evaporative cooler is that usually once you switch it over, it’s a good idea to leave it switched over. The process of switching from one to the other isn’t a long one, but it takes some work when you have an evaporative cooler.

However, now that I have a home with an air conditioner, it’s just a flip of a switch between heating and cooling. And thankfully, neither one take very long to get to the desired temperature. My house is cool when I need it to be, and then warm when the nights and early mornings are a tad too chilly for my liking.

One thing that hasn’t changed between my two homes is the reliability of the experienced team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Regardless of whether I had an evaporative cooler or an air conditioner, our team has the expertise to perform maintenance on either kind of cooling unit.

When you’re ready to changeover from heating to cooling for these notoriously hot summer months, remember the team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the capability of getting you and your home feeling cool as a cucumber. Our amazing technicians will help with not only your seasonal changeover, but they will also perform maintenance and repairs on your units. Looking to replace your evaporative cooler with a new one? They can do that. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your evaporative cooler to an air conditioner, our team has you covered there too!

So, whether we’re cleaning your cooler or your coils, the team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling will keep you comfortable this summer.

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