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Slime Recipes For The Kids

Can you believe it’s been a year since the first confirmed case of COVID in the United States? Personally, I can’t believe it, and because while 2020 was one of the longest years in the history of ever, it also seemed to go by really fast when you think about it.

Everyone and their mother were stressed with the sudden changes we saw last year, including working from home, ordering groceries to be delivered, and the kids having to stay home and go to school online. And with everyone being home all day, especially the kids, I’m sure cabin fever was real. It was real for my little household after a couple weeks.

What Activities Do Your Kids Do To Keep Themselves Entertained?

What kind of activities did you have your little ones do to keep themselves preoccupied? At first, I’m sure that they were playing video games, watching TV and movies, playing on their smart devices, and such. But eventually, those probably got boring. Have your kids done any crafts since they’ve been home?

If your kids didn’t get to make slime (are there any kids that DIDN’T make slime?), well, let me share a couple websites with slime recipes for you to liven up your days with the kids and give them something to do.

Some Safe Slime Recipes You Can Make With Your Little Ones

The first slime recipe comes from www.thebestideasforkids.com for fluffy slime. Yes, you read that correctly. Fluffy slime! What makes it fluffy? Shaving cream! However, with this recipe, the fluffiness only lasts a day. There is another perk to this super cool slime – you can color it a certain way to make it look like unicorn slime. Picture fluffy slime with pink, purple, and blue. Pretty cool, huh?

If your kids aren’t into fluffy unicorn slime, don’t worry. There are other kinds of slime to be made. You can make a rainbow glittery slime, a heat-sensitive color-changing slime, a magnetic slime – just to list a few! Check out this website for more ideas: https://diyprojectsforteens.com/diy-slime-recipes/.

The slime craze is mostly over, but our kids are still at home trying to keep their sanity just like we are. And while making slime can potentially create a mess in your home, it will keep your kids busy and possibly give you some time to yourself. It’s hard to find the harm in this activity, especially when it can also help bring you and your kids closer together.

Hopefully, These Slime Recipes Give You Something New To Do With Your Kids

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is always looking for ways to keep our kids entertained while we’re trying to get our work done, whether it’s in the office or at home. We hope these slime recipes give your kids something to do and help you to create some fun memories during this crazy time in our history.

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