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Selecting a New Water Heater

Selecting a New Water Heater can be a difficult task. There are so many choices it can make it even more difficult to determine what you need. Do you know what a heat water pump is? Should you choose a tankless or conventional tank? It’s important to let a professional help you with this decision.

Your local technicians (us!) can help you decide on what will work within your budget but also something that won’t need to be replaced too often–this is a big investment for a lot of people!

Selecting a New Water Heater: Tankless or Conventional

A conventional water tank heats a huge amount of water and then works by distributing the water throughout your house through fixtures. This can cause energy loss because the unused water still is heated. A tankless system heats when you need heated water instead of keeping heated water on standby.

Give us a call today to discuss which option is right for your home!

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