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Saving Water, Reduce Your Bill and Do Your Part

At Albuquerque Plumbing, we offer more to the community than just reliable plumbing. We offer a chance to conserve water and energy; an opportunity to protect the environment. Educating consumers about the benefits of reliable plumbing is accompanied by a certain joy, because we know that we are simultaneously saving our customers money, and saving our common mother—the Earth.

Water Saving 101

The easiest way to conserve water is simply to use less. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. First, abstaining from running the sink while brushing your teeth saves 8 gallons of water a day, which adds up to around 200 gallons a month, and 24,000 gallons a month.  This is literally enough water to fill Shamu’s tank. And thus, we encourage every single customer to practice this simple technique in order to save money and conserve water.

Installing Water-Saving Shower Heads and Low-Flow Faucets

Traditional standards allow for 5.5 gpm (gallons per minute) as a ceiling for water output in the shower. This amount of water is superfluous for showering purposes. It is a surefire way to run up the water bill very quickly. Those interested in saving money and conserving water ought to consider a low output showerhead, emitting a flow of 2 gpm. Users should anticipate an additional twenty percent on water savings, not to mention a sense of wellbeing on account of their contribution to preserving the environment. Some of the more zealous protectors of mother earth encourage reducing shower time down to two minutes. However, this is superfluous with a water saving shower head. The extra water saved by installing such a head will compensate for the increased time in the shower.  As a general rule of thumb, every three minutes spent under a water saving showerhead is equivalent to one minute under a standard stream.

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