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Ring Recovery: Emergency Retrieval Time

Your wedding ring is one of your most valuable possessions. It is also one of the smallest, and probably the easiest to lose. The world is full of thieves just waiting for a slip up, and not all of these thieves are human. Sewers, cracks in the pavement, a hole in your porch, the shower drain, and the kitchen sink – all of these have infinite patience, and would love nothing more than to gobble up that ridiculously valuable symbol of your everlasting love. Luckily (actually, you are still pretty unlucky) you have Albuquerque Plumbing on your side, here to offer some help when it comes to kitchen sink ring retrieval.

First – Look below your sink. Hopefully you see a U shaped bend in the pipes leading from your drain. If not, you may be out of luck. The U shaped bend is called the P-trap and it is here to save you from permanent jewelry loss, and possible marital strife.

Second – Find a bucket and place it beneath the P-trap. A lot of disgusting, horrible stuff goes down your drain, and some of that is about to revisit you for a little revenge.

Third – locate your wrench. It should be readily available, as we know you are a dedicated and relentless homecare maintenance fanatic. Use it to loosen the nuts above and below the P-trap. Once they are lose you can remove them by hand. Now you are ready for the traumatic step, removing the P-trap.

Pull the P-trap down and then away. All the nightmarish contents of your drain are going to come rushing out, hopefully into the waiting bucket you so thoughtfully placed below the pipes in preparation. It is possible your missing ring is caught in this horrifying sludge, so you are going to have to look through it. Carefully. If not it is time to upend the P-trap and clean it out thoroughly with water. Once again, look through the resultant sewage. Is it there? Did you find it? You did! Congratulations! You live to see another day. We knew you could do it, and don’t worry, when it comes time to tell the misses, we will let you keep all the credit to yourself.

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