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Procrastination Week

The fine art of procrastination. I say it’s a fine art because it truly is. The art of being given a task, whether it’s from your superior at work or one you gave yourself, and then putting it off until the last possible minute. There’s something to be said about waiting until the last minute because you just didn’t want to do it.

I’ve long said that I’m the master of procrastination, but I know others could easily put me to shame. I tend to put off personal things until the last moment, and then I’m stressed out from waiting so long. I can’t blame anyone else. I do this to myself.

What Is Procrastination Week?

This week is Procrastination week. That’s right. Procrastinators everywhere can rejoice in having a week that celebrates putting off whatever you want. Take a day to yourself. Put off a project at your home for the week. After all, it will still be there waiting for you. This bit of time away could be good for your mental health and allow you to destress a little bit. But again, only for so long.

The stress from waiting until the last minute can be incredibly nerve-racking, depending on what you’re putting off. If it’s something simple, then the stress might not be so bad. But if it’s something complicated that takes time, then it could end up biting you in the rear.

Procrastination is something that we all do, whether it’s at home or work. We all put off a project or assignment for one reason or another. Maybe we’re “too tired,” or we “don’t feel like doing it.” Whatever the reason, we always find an excuse or justification for waiting to take care of it.

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The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling procrastinates in their personal lives just like anyone else. But we won’t put off taking care of our customers. Especially during the crazy weather, we’ve been having lately!

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