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Pondering Common Plumbing Problems

Every home, condo, or apartment experiences plumbing problems at some point in time. The older the building, the more frequent and significant the problems may be. You, as someone who lives in the building and has to deal with these issues on a daily basis which can definitely be frustrating. Today we will talk about some common plumbing problems and look at situations in which you should absolutely call a professional plumber.

Low Water Pressure – Usually you will notice low water pressure at the sink or in the shower. If the water comes out in spits and starts or hardly comes out at all, you may be suffering from low water pressure. With a faucet, the problem could be calcium buildup in the aerator. Cleaning it on your own is easy. If that doesn’t work though, you should consider contacting a professional plumber.

Slow Drains – Slow draining bathtubs or sinks are always very irritating. To fix these on your own, start by clearing out any obvious debris. Next, you can use a commercial drain cleaner. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. If it doesn’t clear with an application or two of the drain cleaner, it is time to call a plumber. Slow drains will not get better on their own, in fact, the can quickly develop into full-fledged clogs which will cause even more problems.

Running Toilets – First off, running toilets can cause thousands of gallons of water waste, so you should fix these as soon as possible. Typically, a worn flapper valve is the cause of a running toilets. These can by DIY replaced relatively easily.  However, if the toilet is still running after the flapper has been replaced you should contact a professional plumber quickly. Every moment that goes by you are just flushing precious water, and money, down the toilet.

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