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National Employee Appreciation Day

ABQ Plumbing Team

Recently, our company started using an employee recognition program called Bucket List. We’ve been working towards getting it up and running, and we just launched it to our company a couple weeks ago. There’ve been some hiccups along the way, but otherwise, it’s been a pretty good launch. We think that once everyone plays with it, they will come to really enjoy it.

We love to recognize our team members here at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling for all the hard work they put in every day. During the pandemic, we were considered an essential business and we helped our community during the uncertain times we were facing. Our team members worked tirelessly to make sure our community had plumbing, heating, cooling and electric running in their homes and businesses.

Our Team Members Are Appreciated

We try to let our team members know how much they’re appreciated every day, but sometimes we fall flat. We’re human and we make mistakes, including forgetting to recognize our team more often. But we love that Friday, March 4, 2022, is National Employee Appreciation Day.

However, we’ll be quick to mention that our team members are not called employees. Everyone who works here is a team member, because we work together as a team. In fact, ownership tells everyone, “No one works for us. They work alongside with us.”

In all honesty, we can’t do what we do every day without our amazing team members. Every person is an important piece of making our company run the way it does. So, this blogger wanted to take the time to say how much our team appreciates each other for everything they’ve done, and that without them, we wouldn’t be the strong company that we are. Heck, we wouldn’t have our jobs without each other!

I think it goes without saying that for us, the day should be called Team Member Appreciation Day. We’re grateful to have each other to lean on every day, and we look forward to many more days with this team that’s an ever-growing family.

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