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National Doughnut Day

National donut day

Not many things smell as good as a warm, fresh doughnut. I mean, bacon is great too, but doughnuts are downright amazing when they’re fresh.

I’m not someone who craves doughnuts or could eat a whole dozen if left unattended. Truthfully speaking, I’m happy to eat one or two if they’re offered, and then I’m good. I enjoy them, but I’m not obsessed with them.

My son, however, is a massive fan of doughnuts. Every weekend he wants to spend the night at one of his grandparents’ houses, and he always requests doughnuts for breakfast. Depending on how hungry he is when he wakes up, he can eat either one delectable doughnut, or a whopping four doughnuts. That’s a lot for a little guy!

If you live here in Albuquerque, then surely, you’re familiar with the usual doughnut spots, like Krispy Kreme or Rebel Donut. There’s other up and coming doughnut spots, like Two Sons Donuts, Glaze Grinders Donuts & Coffee, and Rise + Roast. My son is a big fan of Krispy Kreme, while I prefer Rise + Roast. One reason is that they give you a true baker’s dozen…13 doughnuts!

There’s just a wonderful satisfaction from holding a box of doughnuts that are still warm, with fresh frosting topping their fluffy exterior. As I’m writing this, I can practically feel the warmth of those enticing little treats in the palm of my hands.

While doughnuts are a weekend treat for my son on any given Saturday or Sunday, National Doughnut Day falls on the first Friday of the month of June. This year the day falls on June 2nd.

Now that I’ve caught your attention with talk of doughnuts, will you celebrate National Doughnut Day this Friday, or can you wait until Saturday or Sunday to get your baker’s dozen? No matter when you celebrate this tasty day, there’s no doubt it will be a treat.

Celebrate National Doughnut Day With Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling!

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling loves doughnuts. Sometimes we are gifted boxes of doughnuts, and other times someone in the office decides to bring in a few dozen to share with the team. Regardless of how they arrive at the office, once word gets out that they’re sitting on the break room table, they’re usually gone soon after.

Truthfully speaking, our team could celebrate National Doughnut Day any day of the week. We don’t need a special day to enjoy a fluffy doughnut. We’re just happy to enjoy a fresh doughnut with our team members and then get back to taking care of our Albuquerque community with their home’s needs.

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