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Manufacturing Delays Post COVID

Just when we thought the ramifications of Covid were over, we discover something else that was affected. At first, it was the food industry, then grocery stores, retail and local businesses. Unfortunately, essential businesses were not immune from seeing the impact of Covid.

Manufacturing came to a practical standstill during the pandemic due to people contracting the virus and employers needing to be cautious of the health and safety of their other employees. Factories weren’t able to fully staff, and this slowed down production.

What did this mean for essential businesses across the country? While they were most likely selling work to customers who could still afford to pay for repairs and installations, they had to wait for those parts and equipment to not only be made but also to be shipped. These kinds of delays put another stressor on the paying customer, on the contracting companies, and the manufacturer. Simply put, supply couldn’t keep up with demand.

We’re Still Playing Catch Up With Supply And Demand

As we progressively continue to come out of the pandemic, we are still playing catch up with the supply and demand. Factories and manufacturers are working towards bringing back employees who had probably been laid off or furloughed and possibly even hiring more people. Hiring new and former employees is great, but there’s still the matter of the backlog of orders to be filled out and completed for anxious customers and businesses.

Let’s not forget that this doesn’t just pertain to the United States. This impact can be felt globally. There are plenty of manufacturers and factories around the world that have experienced the impact firsthand, and they’re still working to rebound from the setback due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While these delays are frustrating, it doesn’t mean that orders aren’t being completed. It just means that it will take longer than anticipated. Another silver lining to look for could be that people are going back to work and will help to boost the economy.

We’re Diligently Following Up On All Orders

The team members with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling are diligently following up on the orders for parts and equipment every day, making sure they’re coming in on time. We track every part on its way to our office and notify our technicians so they can make sure you and your home receive the care you deserve. A job well done is not only satisfying for you but for us as well.

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