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It’s Almost Summer – Is your Swamp Cooler Ready?

The weather has been cooler lately, not to say unseasonably cold,

but those hot days will be upon us very soon.


Here are some steps to get your swamp cooler ready for summer:

1. Clean the cooler. If you kept it covered during the winter, you may only need to wipe it down. If you didn’t, you will need to remove dead leaves and other debris from the vents and internal chambers, because they will clog up your cooler but good.

2. Check the cooling pads carefully, especially if you left those outside all winter too. They should be smooth and have no cracks; if they are brittle and/or cracked, replace them.

3. Inspect the belt that turns the motor; it too should be smooth and free of cracks.

4. Clean the water tank. Wipe down the internal tank and rinse thoroughly. If any rust spots occur, rub them down with steel wool and spray them with a clear coat.

5. Connect the water line to the water supply and check to be sure no leaks appear. Fill the water tank.

6. Connect the power supply. Watch to be sure that the spider is properly feeding water to all four cooling pads through all eight spouts and that the blower is putting out adequate amounts of air.

You should feel a temperature difference below the indoor vents within a few minutes. If a problem arises, phone Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to have your unit serviced.
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