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Garden Hose Repair 101

As the summer approaches, gardening begins. Homeowners prefer to keep their flowers flourishing, spraying them steadily with streams of water. Although Californians will struggle to water their garden this summer, natives of Arizona will still enjoy the use of their garden hose. But what happens when that old faithful hose of yours begins leaking water? Obviously you would prefer not to waste water. Rising utility bills are no laughing matter. In order to avoid this most unfortunate misfortune a lesson in garden hose repair is highly advisable.

The Origin of Leaks

Hoses spring leaks for all sorts of reasons. They can freeze and expand too much, thus causing decay when left in the sun too long. The dog might grab a hold of it, or you run over it with your lawnmower, then you are essentially looking at a leaky hose. Also, the hot dry desert will lead to the deterioration of your hose.

Easy Repair Job

The good news about hose leaks is that they are so simple to fix. First, identify where the leak is. Run your hose and keep a watchful eye for any leaks in the hose. Once you have identified the location of the leak, mark it, turn the hose off, and then repair with electrical tape. Additionally, the formation of the leak ought to be assessed. You don’t want a capricious, jagged hole in your hose. If you have such a hole, round it off with a knife, and then tape over it. This will result in an effective repair.

Buy a New One

In the event that your hose is lacerated everywhere, and no hope of repair is on the horizon, then toss in the towel, and buy a new hose. There’s no need to develop an emotional attachment to a garden hose, despite how loyal and faithful it’s been in the past.

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