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Professional Heater Start-Up Services for Warmth and Safety This Holiday Season

“When will it get cold?” This is a favorite question of New Mexicans after they’ve had enough of the relentless summer heat. While we never have an answer for when you can start donning your favorite sweater and gush about the joys of pumpkin spice, we CAN help you with starting up your furnace or boiler for those chilly days ahead.

Prepare Your Swamp Cooler for the Holiday Season

If you have an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler), we will shut it down, disconnect the water line and install a damper (where necessary). If you have an air conditioner, we may not need to shut down the unit. However, we can still check it to make sure it’s in good condition.

We’ll Provide You With a Carbon Monoxide Test

Hands down, the most essential part of this procedure is the carbon monoxide (CO) test. Every technician MUST perform this incredibly important test when they come to your home. If the technician finds anything hazardous, such as a carbon monoxide leak, they will bring it to your attention immediately. Carbon monoxide is odorless, and a leak can go undetected if the unit is not checked regularly. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness, collapsing, and loss of consciousness.

Professional Start-Up Services Are Always Your Safest Bet

Also, if the heating unit is deemed dangerous to your health for any reason, the technician may disable it so it can’t be turned on. This might seem extreme at the time, maybe even an inconvenience. Everyone with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling values the health and safety of your family, your loved ones and you. If the technician feels that repairs are in your best interest, they may be able to perform the repairs right away. Otherwise, they may need to return to your home to fix the problem at another time.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Holiday Heating System Start-Up Services!

Several of our customers simply want a “checkup” of their unit or general maintenance work. Well, the good news is that we can help with those things, too! Furthermore, part of our checkup involves both performing a thorough 15-point inspection of your heating system and a carbon monoxide test. Again, safety first! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your holiday season heater start-up today!

Furthermore, if you have a furnace or boiler that’s not working right, or just needs general maintenance, call the professionals at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We’ll have you warm in no time!

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