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Foster Care Awareness Month

It’s a pretty well-known fact that starting a family is a big decision. Whether it’s something you discussed with your spouse or you found out you were expecting, and the timing caught you off guard. Bringing a child into the world is a huge life event.

The same can be said about fostering a child and bringing them into your home. It’s a major decision to bring another child into your home and care for them alongside your other children, or even by themselves if you don’t already have children. The foster children may even have siblings in need of a home as well.

How Many Children Are In Foster Care?

According to adoptuskids.org for the state of New Mexico, there are 2,300 children in foster care, and 70 of those are waiting for adoptive families. That’s a lot of kids looking for their forever home with a family to care for them and love them.

How To Become A Foster Parent

Per the CYFD website, you can qualify to become a foster parent if you are:

  • Healthy,
  • 18 and older,
  • Able to provide housing for a child, and
  • Willing to schedule time with your placement social worker to get your fingerprints taken for a background check.

If you’re found to be a great candidate for fostering, you can notify your social worker if you feel that you could foster a child of a certain age or if you can properly care for a child with special needs.

Again, deciding to foster a child is a major decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure to do your homework and research everything you can about fostering. Check out the websites below for more information:


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