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First Home Show of 2022

Anyone remember when I wrote last year about having the song, “First Time in Forever” stuck in my head? Well, that little ear worm has crawled back into my brain again.

But why has it made its way back to my thoughts and buried itself deep to where I can’t get it out? Well, everyone…we have some exciting news to share! No, we’re not engaged, pregnant or anything crazy like that.

We will be participating in the first Home Show of 2022! We’ll be at the Albuquerque Home Show on February 26 & 27, 2022, at Expo NM at the fairgrounds.

So, what does this mean for our customers in the Albuquerque Metro area? We’re getting out and meeting the public once again face to face. Our technicians are excited to see you at the Home Show, and our CSRs are ready to meet you and book appointments too.

Ask Our Team Members

You can ask our experienced team members any questions you have about your drains, plumbing, heating/cooling, and electrical needs. Have you wondered about a tankless water heater for your home? What about a new furnace that won’t drive up your gas bill every year? Want to switch from that less than perfect swamp cooler to an amazing air conditioner? Our team can help you! We really are the one stop shop!

On top of that, we’re offering 10% off any service booked while at the Home Show, and 20% off an AC conversion, also booked while at the Home Show. Pretty sweet, right?

Plus, when you book a job with us, you’ll also get one of our signature butt crack bags with some cool swag items, like lip balm, pens, hand sanitizer and more!

Swing by our booth this weekend and talk to our team about anything your home needs. We’ll be ready and waiting to see you again!

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