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Evaporative to Central Air Conditioning


As temperatures start warming up, is it time for you to Consider Converting from Evaporative to Central Air Conditioning?

The climate in the Albuquerque area is really quite wonderful. We enjoy the changing of all four seasons, without too many of the weather extremes seen in other parts of the U.S. The summer can be hot, but thankfully the low humidity makes it easier to cool down. So, how will you be cooling your home down this summer? Is it time to Consider Converting to a central air conditioning system?

Because of the arid climate, many homes in this area are able to use evaporative (or “swamp”) coolers. This type of cooling system is desirable because the initial cost is minimal. However, there are some other things to think about.

Comfort – A central AC system offers better indoor temperature control. Hallway wind tunnels and rooms that are either too hot or too cold can be eliminated. And even Albuquerque can experience some humid days, when the efficiency of a swamp cooler will be less.

Cost – AC systems cost more initially, but they eliminate drafty windows and other energy inefficiencies. A new AC unit can provide better comfort for sometimes less electricity costs. They also can recoup some of their costs if you sell your home.

Care – An air conditioner is much easier to maintain than a swamp cooler. Just replace air filters regularly and clean coils periodically.

Control – Central air systems can better eliminate and control airborne irritants like smoke, polluted outdoor air, and other allergens. Modern AC units also sound quieter than old swamp coolers.

Convenience – AC units don’t require winterizing the way swamp coolers do. No need to make another dangerous trip to the roof. Just call your HVAC technician for an annual service visit.

Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling understands that investing in a central AC system is a big expense. But if you are ready to find out more give us a call, and we’ll give you your options. Your summer could be much more comfortable if you Consider Converting.

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