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Electrical Safety Tips For Homeowners

Electricity allows a home to operate in a convenient way year-round. However, there are certain electrical safety tips that every homeowner should consider as a way to stay safe. Not only can electricity cause serious injury but it can also cause loss of life. Electricity and its potential to cause injury should be respected at all times. Homeowners should know to never work on any type of electrical circuit and always call in a professional if unsure.

Electrical Related Work

One important safety tip is to always turn off electrical power at its source before working on any outlet, switch or receptacle. Even changing a fuse should only be accomplished once electricity has been turned off at its main source. In most instances homeowners can access the main disconnect to turn off electricity prior to performing any type of electrical related work. Homeowners should consider investing in an inexpensive voltmeter as a way to check circuits to ensure that there is no electricity present.

Unplug A Lamp

Prior to beginning any work on a receptacle, fixture or switch it is essential to verify with a voltmeter or circuit tester that there is indeed no live electricity present. There have been many cases in the past where someone else in the house has accidentally turned on the electricity while someone else was working on a fixture, switch or receptacle. Along with turning off electricity at its source it is also recommended to unplug a lamp or appliance or any other type of device before it is repaired. It is this level of redundancy that will help to ensure that an accident does not occur.

Pull An Individual Away From The Situation

Finally, it is recommended that homeowners always have available the telephone number to a local hospital or dial 911 immediately if someone has been injured due to contact with electricity. It is important to never touch someone that is being exposed to electricity and rather use some type of insulated item such as a broom or rubber hose to pull an individual away from the situation where they are being exposed to electricity. As an added note, homeowners also should know that electrical fires should never be extinguished with water. Always use an appropriate fire extinguisher that is intended for electrical fires. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for electrical contractors in Albuquerque.

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