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Easter 2022

Easter brings back fond memories for me. When I was much younger and living in southern Ohio, my brothers and I would run downstairs and see what had been left for us by the Easter Bunny (aka our parents). Then we’d get ready and head to either my grandparents’ house, or my aunt and uncle’s house in the country. In fact, my family has pictures of me in a dress, participating in an Easter egg hunt in my relatives’ large front yard.

Of course, like other kids, my family and I would sit around the table the night before Easter and decorate eggs. Generally, we’d only dye them with the kit you find in the store for super cheap, but it didn’t matter because it was something we did together. I’m a person who hates the smell of vinegar, and when I think about dying eggs, my memory immediately pulls up the smell.

Making Easter Plans

Now that I’m a parent, I get to make the Easter plans for my son. We haven’t done much over the years though. He was only 11 days old at his first Easter, so all we did was take pictures of him. Then as he’s gotten older, he’s received the usual Easter basket with candy and toys. He doesn’t care about the candy, which is surprising for a kid.

On top of that, my son has never done an Easter egg hunt. Perhaps I’ve dropped the ball somewhere as a parent where he hasn’t participated in this fun tradition and activity. To add insult to injury, I’ve bought the eggs and the kits to decorate the eggs. But when it came to doing it, I was so tired from running errands and other activities earlier in the day that the eggs were never dyed. Imagine my relief not having to subject myself to the smell of vinegar.

Our Easter Plans This Year

This year, I plan to change that. I’ll do the obligatory shopping for candy that my son won’t touch, and buy him a small toy or two, maybe a coloring book that he won’t bother with either. But decorating eggs will definitely happen this year. Will we do the Easter egg hunt at our house? Not likely since my backyard is sand and tumbleweeds, and my front yard is all rock. But we’ll see.

As for the meal on Easter, I don’t know about you and your family, but mine has a tendency to make ham. Not my favorite part of the pig, but I’ll eat it since I don’t usually cook Easter dinner. One year I made turkey breast for the family, and you would’ve thought I’d committed some kind of sin.

What plans do I have for Easter? Well, I’ll make sure my son’s basket is put together the night before so he can be surprised the next morning. We may or may not go to my parents’ house because they haven’t planned anything for the family. And even though I said that it’s not likely that I’ll do an Easter egg hunt at my house, I probably will anyways due to the uncertain family plans. If we don’t go to my parents’ house, dinner will be whatever I make for us. It won’t be a huge feast, but it will be a family dinner. And we will be together.

Happy Easter From Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling!

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling will be spending the day with their families and celebrating their traditions. Whether it’s going to church, eating dinner together, or hunting for eggs in the yard, what’s most important is that everyone will be with their families and loved ones.

From our family to yours, we want to wish you a happy Easter, and that the kids don’t fill up too much on the candy they find in their baskets!

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