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Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you are almost completely ready. This year you decided to get prepared early by getting your flowers, chocolates, and music playlists ready to go. Except for this year, you decided to skip out on the dinner reservations and stay home to show off the skills you learned on that cooking show your significant other loves. We see you, and we respect you for it. Now the only thing that could ruin this night is bad plumbing because emergencies could strike at any time. This is why your friends at ABQ Plumbing have put together this helpful guide of three simple plumbing tips that will make sure your night goes smoothly.

Our Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips

  • Repair Any Small Leaks: Make sure to repair any leaks that you have been ignoring before the big date. Leaks that are left unattended can actually make your pipes rust faster. Aside from rust, they could cause water damage and even mold. Be proactive and repair these damages before it is too late because nothing will dampen the mood more than some water damage.
  • Find Your Shut Off Valve: It’s always a great idea to know where your main water shut off valve is just in case of a significant leak. Scrambling around wondering what to do about water spilling everywhere is something straight out of a rom-com, but it can cause some severe panic on a date. Locate your shut off valve and turn off your water so that you have a moment to figure out your next plan of action.
  • Listen To Your Plumbing: You want to give your date your full attention on Valentine’s Day, but be sure to listen to your pipes before to avoid an issue. Become aware of what your toilet sounds like. Does it run longer than it should? Do you hear a faucet dripping at night? Is your water heater popping or making a knocking sound? These are all signals that your plumbing system could use a little love.

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If you do happen to run into any plumbing problems this Valentine’s Day, just know that you can always count on our trusted team of specialists at ABQ Plumbing. Our experienced plumbing specialists will take care of your pipes right away because we have the tools, knowledge, and skills to get any job done. As always, we are available 24/7, so give us a call today.

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