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Disposing of Silly Plumbing Myths: Part 1

The odds are, you have heard more than your fair share of urban legends or myths before. These are juice, interesting, or intriguing tales that people love to talk about and pass on, regardless of whether or not they know they are true! Sometimes, myths persist for some long people start to think of them as facts! Usually, we would never care about such a thing, but when it comes to plumbing myths, we have to make an exception. Plumbing myths can be costly and can even cause you to damage your own home plumbing system. Time to start flushing plumbing myths down the toilet! Read on to learn more.

Clogs will disappear over time.

This myth was probably started by lazy homeowners who had no interest in hiring a plumber. The first time they noticed a clog, they figured it would take care of itself over time. Then they probably forgot about it and their pipes drained slowly ever since. The fact is, if you don’t fix a clog early, the odds are it is only going to get worse. Solid waste, hair, grease, and gunk all stick to each other, which causes a clog to build up, bigger and bigger and bigger. Simply sending water down the pipes will not fix anything. If you have a major clog, you need a professional plumber. Nothing else will do!

Lemons clean garbage disposals

This is another myth that has been built around the desire to have a quick fix. Individuals who start notice an unpleasant odor emanating from the garbage disposal think tossing a lemon peel down the drain will fix everything! Sure, the scent of lemon may mask the bad odor, but it is not cleaning anything. In fact, it may make things worse as lemon peels are tough to break down. If your garbage disposal is starting to smell, we recommend you use a commercial cleaning agent.

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