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Cleaner living during COVID-19

It goes without saying that cleanliness has become even more important lately, due to the increasing number of people infected with COVID-19 across the country. Cleaning products with bleach and vinegar sales are up as many Americans want to disinfect their homes and keep their families safe and healthy. Sure, keeping the commonly touched surfaces clean in your home is a no brainer. But there are a couple of other items to consider keeping your family healthy that you probably haven’t thought of.

Get Your Ducts Inspected

One is having your ducts inspected to see if there’s any leaks or breaks, or if they just need to be cleaned. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the ducts, and that can cause your allergies to act up when the air pushes out of the vents. Something as simple as changing the air filter in your home could make a difference in your indoor quality.

Install UV Lights To Disinfect Your HVAC System

After your ducts have been inspected, the technician might discuss installing UV lights as an option for your home. This will help to keep your ducts clean, greatly reduce allergens, and minimize potential mold and mildew. UV lights are best in homes that have air conditioning, so they’re not a great option for homes with evaporative coolers. One important note about the UV lights – you will want them to be installed by an experienced HVAC technician.

If the ducts are little too high maintenance or not in your budget, a product you can buy at the store is Microban. It can be applied to toilet seats and other surfaces in your home. Through antimicrobial technology, Microban helps to greatly reduce the number of germs that can live on surfaces. Not only can you buy Microban in the store, but you can also find coupons for it in the ads that come in your mail. Doesn’t hurt to save a buck, right?

Relax A Little Knowing Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling Has Your Air Quality Covered

With these items in mind, you can relax a little more during these uncertain times knowing the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are cleaner. This will make for a more robust and lively family and can help keep you healthy during the next cold and flu season.

Call the friendly customer service representatives at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling, and they will schedule the right technician to your home to help assess what can be done to keep you and your loved ones lively and robust during the next cold and flu season.

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