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Blowing Away Costly Heating Myths: Part 2

We sure have been busting a lot of myth this month. Heating and plumbing myths are going down left and right. Here at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we truly feel it is the least we can do! We have over 50 years of combined experience in the home services industry, and we love to share our knowledge and our expertise, especially if it can help people save money and stay comfortable during these fridge winter months. Today’s blog is going to mark the end of our myth busting for now, so read on to get the most out of our final few tips.

Blocking vents can increase the efficiency of my home heating system

Well, we wish it was that easy to increase the efficiency of your home heating system! Unfortunately, HVAC units are very complex, and it is almost always harder than that. You might be wondering, why won’t blocking off my vents increase efficiency? If you have a forced air heating system, it automatically balance the pressure load throughout the home. Blocking off vents in one room will lower the temperature in that room. This cause the lower temperature room to leach heat from high temperature rooms. Your heating system is going to have to keep working no matter what.

A fireplace is all I need

In most modern homes, fireplaces are almost strictly ornamental. Lighting your fireplace may help you warm up the room that the fireplace is in, but it will do little to warm your house. Older homes used furnaces attached to central heating systems, but that is uncommon these days. The heat from the fireplaces feels amazing when you are gathered around it, but you won’t even know it is on if you are in the next room over.

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